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The Morgan Owners Club of Australia
Established 1958

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Aero Cars

The Aero 8 is is the first new Morgan design since 1948. It is also the first Morgan vehicle with an alloy chassis and frame as opposed to traditional Morgan vehicles ("trads") that have an aluminum skinned wooden body tub on a flexing steel chassis.

Production of the Aero 8 commenced in 2002. The engine first powering the Aero 8 was a 4400 cc V8 built by BMW mated to a 6-Speed Getrag transmission. From 2008, the Aero 8 featured the 4.8 BMW engine with an optional automatic transmission. All Aero 8s are assembled at Morgan's Malvern Link factory.

Due to its light weight, yet very strong race tested aluminium structure, the Aero 8 weighs only 1145 kg. This results in its scintillating performance (zero to 100 km/h in less than 4.5 seconds), low emissions and low fuel consumption, considering the performance available.

This is a chance for our Club Members to display their cars. If you are a member and would like to add your car to the gallery either send an email with brief details on car (year, model, chassis No. & owner) (max 20 words) and a digital photo (max 800x600 pixels) attached to webmaster@morganownersclub.com.au   


Chassis #



Owned by Kerry & Marian Jones, NSW. 2008 4.8 Litre Aero 8.  Subaru STI WRC Metallic Blue with Yarwood Stone trim. The only Morgan in Australia fitted with an automatic transmission!



Aeromax owned by Phillip Allen. Ex Chris Vermeulen (2011-2014), ex Richard Hammond car featured on Top Gear (2008-2011).



A unique Tungsten Aeromax enjoyed by Chris Da Silva in WA