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The Morgan Owners Club of Australia
Established 1958

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Members of the Morgan Owners' Club of Australia have been involved in a variety of motor sports from the very earliest days of the Club, including racing, supersprints (lap-dash), hill climbs, rallies and gymkanas.

To foster participation in motor sport, the club has several trophies which are enthusiastically competed for on an annual basis.

The MOCA Annual Competition Trophy

This trophy can be won by members who participate in the Combined Sports Car Association (CSCA) series of supersprints and hill climbs. Other clubs involved in the series (but not this trophy) are The MG Car Club, The Sprite Car Club, Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia, Club Lotus Australia, Austin Healey Owners Club and the Triumph Sports Owners Association.

How to score points...

Firstly, at the event itself and before competition begins you nominate your own estimated lap time (handicap) which can be based on your own previous best times. If you haven’t competed on a circuit you can take a guess based on times in the Club’s “Black Book” which is a record of times achieved at previous events and is available for perusal at CSCA events.

Your results are based on dividing your nominated handicap time by your best time for the day and expressing this as a percentage.

First place goes to the competitor who gets closest to 100% of their nominated handicap time. Any one who goes faster than their nominated time (exceeds 100%) receives just 12 points. (Plus 1 point if driving a Morgan)

As long as you turn up and run in your Mog you are guaranteed 13 points. The winner of the MOCA competition is the competitor with the most points for the year. That's why so many calculators are brought into action on a CSCA day and why clever time estimating and consistent driving is more important than outright speed!

The Carolyn Scott Memorial Trophy for Novice Drivers

The purpose of this trophy is to encourage members of any age to join in the CSCA competition and to develop their driving skills whilst enjoying their cars.

With Max Scott’s permission it has been named after Carolyn Scott who sadly passed away in 1997. Carolyn was one of our most enthusiastic novices and was determined to enjoy the performance of her Plus 8 on the track. In doing so she not only had great fun personally but, like all competitors, also helped our Club to do exceptionally well in the inter-club (CSCA) competition.

The criteria has been developed to enable all candidates to have a chance whether they are in a competitive car or not. For this reason there is a strong bias towards our Club’s handicap system and qualitative attributes which are desirable in motor sport.

John Thompson Trophy

Annual competition points score - best Morgan

Combined Sports Car Association (CSCA) Competition

The purpose of the competition is to decide:

  • The Champion Club (most points)
  • The individual winners of each class (Group Championships) for which trophies will be awarded.
  • Champion Male Competitor
  • Champion Female Competitor

Points are awarded as follows:

1 point for entering and commencing a run (plus 2 points if in a marque car)

An extra 8 points for first in class

An extra 5 points for second in class

An extra 3 points for third in Class.

For most events, class winners receive a trophy. The more competitors from MOCA, the better our chances of winning!

Historic Racing

Quite a few club members are actively involved in historic racing in Australia, either driving Morgans, other historic racing cars or as officials.

To see photographs of Club members competing in Morgans click here.