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The Morgan Owners Club of Australia
Established 1958

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Here we publish hints which may help you maintain or enhance the pleasure of driving your Morgan. Any articles/photos are welcome as long as they are original and electronic (Word or .pdf format). If you know of links to other good technical pages let us know so we can include those in our links section. Send your submissions to webmaster@morganownersclub.com.au .

All articles below are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar to access. Please note that full or partial reproduction of the material in this section is expressly forbidden without the prior knowledge and approval of the author / copyright holder.


Engine & Transmission

Zetec Heater Matrix Replacement - Geoff Williams

Shrouded Electric Radiator Fan - Win Muehling

Making Engine & Gearbox Mounts for the Standard Special - John Merton

Morgan Fuel Starvation Problems - Peter Canavan

Morgan +4 Heat Shielding & Air Filter Canister - Jack Austin

Plus 8 1973-1978 gearbox - Murphy’s Law in action - Geoff Williams

Fixing Plus 8 1973-1978 gearbox rattles/sloppiness - Peter Canavan

The Standard Special Engine - 2016 update - John Merton

Morgan 4/4: Sierra 5-speed Gearbox Conversion - Tim Hurst

Balancing HIF SU Carburettors by Colin Jones

The Coventry Climax IOE Engine by John Merton

Keeping your Plus 8 engine cool! Geoff Williams

Steering & Suspension

Rear Tubular Shock/Damper Conversion Geoff Williams

Fitting a Steering Damper to your Morgan - Geoff Williams

Thinking outside the Square (Front Suspension) - Todd Hamilton

Front Suspension - Easy King Pin Removal Tool - Peter Wagner

Of Sliding Pillars & Axles - John Merton

Postscript to Sliding Pillar Article - John Merton

Morgan Plus 8 Front Suspension Spring Restraint - John Wroe

Morgan Front Suspension Bushes - Anthony Browne

Removing Play from the Burman-Douglas Steering Box by John Merton

Overhauling Bishop Cam Steering

Chassis and Body

Are your rear brakes working? - Geoff Williams

More Morgan Storage: Tool Tray - Vern Dale-Johnson

A Lockable Storage Box - Vern Dale-Johnson

Modifications for touring in a Morgan - Vern Dale-Johnson

Morgan Identification Numbers  - John Merton

The 4-4 Error or Morgan's Equivalent of the Unicorn - John Merton

Morgan 4/4 Series 1 -  Anthony Browne

Patent Prattles Series - John Merton

On a wing and a prayer? by Noel Bryen

Coachbuilding Timber Selection by John Merton

Rear End Collision Risk by John Mott

Handbrake Rattles by Len Tailor

Heater/Ventilation Intake Plenum Seal by Lachlan May

Brake & Clutch Peddle Rubbers by Lachlan May


Converting from Hydraulic to Mechanical Brake Light Actuation by Geoff Williams

Dash Rocker Switch Fix by Geoff Williams

High Level Stop Light by Neil Hurst

LED High Level Brake Light by Geoff Williams

Technical Talk